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Systems Part 2

Mar 22, 20180 comments

Have you been living in lack, deficiency, and inadequacy for too long? Do you continuously do things your way… with no positive results? Maybe you go to work every day but consistently complain about your job and your boss. You desire a great marriage, but you often talk about and even put down your spouse. Or you do just enough to get by and nothing more. You have been trying to live an “above” status in life, while making “beneath” decisions. Continuing down this path is sure to lead you to a dead end… But it’s not too late to change your thinking… and change your life! God desires HEAVEN to invade your life on earth!

Pastors Mike and DeeDee are on a MISSION to help you stop stretching your little and CONNECT you to the SOURCE of MORE! In his 4-disc DVD series titled, “Systems,” Pastor Mike provides the kingdom tools YOU need to walk in the ABUNDANCE God desires for your life. He will ACQUAINT you with and have you PARTICIPATE in ‘The System of God’… for you to receive the OVERFLOW and ABUNDANCE you deserve!


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