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Strength of Our Covenant Part 1

Apr 26, 20180 comments

Is your relationship in need of a tune-up because the love, attention, and unity that once defined it has given way to anger, neglect, and resentment?

You know things need to change, and God desires that CHANGE to begin with you! YOU have POWER and AUTHORITY to RELEASE the transformation you want to see into your marriage or relationship. And in their highly impactful and transparent DVD series, “The Strength Of Our Covenant,” Pastors Mike and DeeDee Freeman will equip you with the necessary tools to DEFUSE your anger and disagreements, and set you on a path of DIVINE RESTORATION.

There is dominion, security, and provision tied to your marital covenant. And this stirring sermon will help you tap into and RELEASE the power of God’s Word to TURNAROUND and IMPACT your marriage for the BETTER.

Call NOW with your love gift of $25.00 or more, and receive this extraordinary teaching! You will RELEASE and UNLOCK God’s blessing in your relationship, as you understand your oneness in covenant with God, and with one another. You will also discover the keys to walk in Godly submission without ever diminishing who you are.

When you call RIGHT NOW, in addition to receiving the FULL, UNCUT and UNEDITED DVD message, “The Strength Of Our Covenant,” Pastors Mike and DeeDee will also send you their ENCOURAGING “Let’s Stay Together” DVD series. This engaging and light-hearted series will provide you the necessary tools to apply the wisdom of God into your relationship. You will understand the power of wisdom to address conflicts in your marriage, and obtain the practical knowledge needed to keep your union from being broken or destroyed.

This BOLD and TRANSFORMATIONAL DVD set can be yours with a love gift of $25.00 or more. OR, Pastors Mike and Dee Dee will send you the “The Strength Of Our Covenant” DVD for a love gift of ANY amount.

Unleash the POWER of becoming one! It’s time to totally transform your marriage and experience the incredible covering, protection, and restoration that Almighty God provides!

It’s TIME to BELIEVE that God will restore everything. So, you can WIN in LIFE!

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